Discover Buenos Aires Street Art and Sketch


This course includes:

  • Each session 60 mins
  • 100 participants
  • Hosted in English
  • Live video with Zoom
  • Access on mobile and computer

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Discover Buenos Aires' Street Art from the commodity of your home guided by a contemporary art curator and designer and connect to your inner artist!

This experience is great for team-building, schools, universities, groups of friends and families (it's also suitable for children). It's been rated 5 stars by Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, among many others!

On the first 45 minutes of the experience you'll travel virtually to Buenos Aires, selected the "1st Creative city" by Unesco in 2005, to see the murals placed in 3 neighborhoods: Palermo, La Boca and Banfield. This will be made through an interactive presentation where I'll share the stories behind the artworks made by local and international artists and you'll be invited to play some games with questions (polls). I'll show you photos and videos that I took of the artworks to learn about the different techniques and styles. We'll explore how street art speaks about Argentinian culture. Among the many murals that we will see, one included is the highest of Argentina: a wall of 65 m (214 feet).

On the last 15 minutes of the experience we'll do a drawing inspired by the amazing street art to have a creative and fun time! You don't need any experience because I'll guide you step by step through the process.

*Contact me for new dates and times if you don't find the one you need


-Sheet of paper (a4 or letter) or similar size



-Black marker

-2 or 3 different colors of markers/ highlighters/ color pencils


Don't worry if you have just one thing, you will be able to sketch as well :)

What'll you learn

You will learn about Street Art in Buenos Aires and have a fun and creative time doing a fast sketch!

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4.86 Identity verified
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About me

Hi, I'm Flor! I'm an art curator, photographer (@davalleph), artist & fashion designer who lives and works in Palermo, an artsy neighborhood in Buenos Aires. I've taught Art History and Photography in institutes in BA and I've been hosting Art walks since 2018. My artistic work is in conceptual photography and it's been selected in the past 2 years by the Ministry of Culture for an artistic grant. In 2018 I exhibited my work at the "Eternity" show in Art Basel Cities. I lived in East London in 2012 and that was when my passion for street art began, discovering murals with my camera. When I returned to BA I studied art curating and since then I've curated exhibitions with street artists and other contemporary artists. Now I'm working on my thesis in my Master in Curating Contemporary Art.

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