Discover Mt. Fuji - Online Experience


This course includes:

  • Each session 60 mins
  • 100 participants
  • Hosted in English
  • Live video with Zoom
  • Access on mobile and computer

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Travel Virtually to Mt. Fuji with our local host and learn all about this Iconic Mountain and the surrounding area.

Arigato Japan was first to launch our highly reviewed online experiences about different food, culture and areas around Japan. Join us on this new amazing, hosted experience as we share all the amazing things about the Mt. Fuji area, the history, culture, food, activities and people that make this place the true heart of Japan!

Join our local expert

Our Mt. Fuji Virtual Tour is a great way to get to know the most iconic and majestic symbol of Japan. Mt Fuji is very special to Japanese people, it represents faith and admiration. On our online experience, we will share Mt. Fuji and the areas around it from a local’s perspective. You will get to hear about  the history, culture as well as stories from the  locals who live in Shizuoka prefecture. We will discover some of the things to see and do and of course the best food that you must try when you visit someday! 

What'll you learn

  • Share our stories and hear about you!
  • Learn about Mt. Fuji, the surrounding area
  • Fun exploration of Fuji stories, and experiences.
  • Interactive game/ quiz
  • Q&A time about any of your Japan and travel questions
  • resource pack afterwards (no worries about taking notes)

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