Learn to make soup dumplings (vegan friendly)


This course includes:

  • Each session 120 mins
  • 50 participants
  • Hosted in English
  • Live video with Zoom
  • Access on mobile and computer

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Join us in a class to learn how to make famous Shanghainese xiǎolóngbāo soup dumplings from start to finish.

This experience will live broadcast on zoom, you will get all the information and details after your booking.

This Experience is GOOD for Team Building & Family Party!

Please prepare all the ingredients that I listed.

This experience is a live broadcast, please ensure your networking device connect with network!


All purpose flour 100g(for 16 dumplings)

water 50g

160g minced pork, 40%fat. Can be subbed with chicken, shrimp. ( if the meat your get is too much lean, keep the fat you cut off from the skin.( the ski for making pork jelly)

80-100g pork skin jelly, can be subbed with chicken feet, gelatin with stock (will give you instructions and video how to make it)

chopped very fine ginger and spring onions 3g each.

Chinese cooking wine or shaoxing wine 

white pepper powder 1g

oyster sauce 1/2 tbs

salt 2g, sugar 4g,

sesame oil 10drops

Bamboo steamer or any kind of steamer you have

rice vinger 

julienne ginger

rolling pin

damp tower


What'll you learn

You’ll learn how to knead a dough, how to roll wrappers and how to pinch a dumpling by your hands! Of cause I’ll even reveal how the soup gets wrapped up inside the dumpling! You will also learn how to make a yummy dipping sauce that complements the dumplings. 

Finally, we will enjoy our handmade xiǎolóngbāo together. 

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