Make a Neapolitan amulet - how to use polymer clays

Maria Lourdes

This course includes:

  • Each session 60 mins
  • 10 participants
  • Hosted in English
  • Live video with Zoom
  • Access on mobile and computer

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This course is not only a class to learn the basics of polymer clays and how to make an amulet. It’s an experience that has to do with the essence of the Neapolitan culture. Neapolitan amulets have an ancient origin and guests will discover it by making and having fun being creative!


Be creative and curious!


- A package of polymer clay (Fimo, Cernit, Papa’s clay - it doesn’t matter. Choose your favorite clay!) - choose red clay if you want to make a traditional amulet, but you can choose a different colour.

- a ventilated oven

Optional tools:

- a brush and red acrylic, if you want to paint your amulet 

- dotter (used for nail art)

- a stone or anything else to decorate your amulet 

What'll you learn

You will learn the basics to use polymer clay and how to make a Neapolitan amulet and the meaning behind it.

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About me

I’m a Neapolitan polymer clay artist and tour guide and I’ve decided to combine my passions starting to make typical Neapolitan amulets and sharing their historical and folkloric meaning with people. Combining my job as a tour guide and polymer clays is fun and I enjoy it a lot! If you want to learn how to use polymer clays, make amulets and fantasy wands and more, come join me on zoom!

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